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skin care/non-operative

Many non-operative procedures are available to address facial or body concerns with less down time than surgery. Some are simply and quickly performed in the office without any downtime, while others are “minimally invasive” and may involve some bruising, discoloration or a short period of recuperation.

Aging, genetics, sun exposure, smoking, weight fluctuations, previous surgery and medications can all affect the way skin ‘ages’. Although these cannot be reversed, options are available to improve the appearance of the skin and to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

INJECTIBLES, also called fillers, are a tremendous option for isolated wrinkles and creases. We use FDA approved fillers and they can be of short or long duration. The exact duration of effect depends on age, skin type, lifestyle and muscle activity. In some areas results are improved with other procedures such as Botox® or laser resurfacing. The most common sites ‘filled’ are the upper lip, crease from the nose to the corner of the mouth, lower corners of the mouth, lines under the eyes and acne scars.

BOTOX® smoothes fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing very specific facial muscles.

Lasers represent an exciting technology which encompass a variety of different lasers to treat unwanted facial and leg veins, rosacea, age spots, birthmarks, and to perform precise skin resurfacing. The advantages and results of lasers can be amazing, but lasers are not appropriate for all patients. Specific lasers are required for the optimal treatment of different problems. Consultation is required to explore your goals and the appropriate options available.

Skin Resurfacing - Sciton Laser technology provides a minimally invasive option to treat sun-damaged skin, facial wrinkles, pigment irregularities, and scars.

MicroLaser Peels and ProFraction Laser Treatments allows Dr. Kennedy to precisely, rapidly and accurately treat one layer of skin at a time to minimize imperfections allowing the skin to "re-grow" thicker and healthier in appearance and structure.

Small Vessel, Pigment & Hair Reduction Treatment - The BBL system by Sciton can very effectively improve the skins appearance by eliminating small blood vessels, evening out pigment, and removing other signs of aging. The BBL system also can reduce the growth of pigmented hair in many areas of the body. 

More information: Laser Skin Resurfacing


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